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New Old Stock


The new old stock (NOS), also known as 'new on the shelf' or 'new off the shelf', refers to obsolete parts, or original parts (components) for obsolete equipment, which were never sold in retail .
The term refers to the commodity that is being offered for sale that was manufactured long ago but has never been used. These goods may no longer be produced, and new old stocks may represent the sole current market source of a particular item.
Although not an officially recognized accounting term, it is commonly used in the auction and retail industries. For example, older vehicle owners look for N.O.S parts from specialized suppliers that are needed to maintain their automobiles, motorcycles, harvesters, tractors, trucks, or in original factory conditions.

What defines a part N.O.S?

The trade term for any stocked item that is N.O.S is:

  • A) out of production;
  • B) discontinued the current product line;
  • C) is sitting on a stock or warehouse shelf for some time
  • D) any combination of the above.
The most important thing is to point out that the product has not / never been used!

Although damage to the original packaging is common, damage to its contents is generally not preferred to determine if an item is New Old Stock.

However, many items have been on shelves or in storage and, over time, may have caused some damage. This minor damage caused by the useful life does not affect an item identified as New Old Stock.

This type of modality may refer to original equipment parts that have remained in inventory for a use that never came.

Car dealers and parts companies often sell such slow moving stocks at a discount. Other specialized parts suppliers trade in these NO parts which may decrease or increase in value, depending on the type and desirability.

We at E-machine work with New Old Stock (N.O.S) parts, of provenance and, any photos or videos may be requested to meet the demand of our customers.

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